Jeff Grant is an ER technician and a paramedic. He lives in Waldoboro, Maine. He works two jobs, and his wife works one. Last month between them they spent $760 on gasoline, car payments (for two modest used cars), and car insurance. This month the 50-cent increase in the cost of fuel means they’ll spend about $828 for transportation. That means that Jeff is working one job just so he and his wife can get to their other two. This is astonishing, but there is nothing statistically unusual about his situation—and its implications for the American Dream (for lack of a better word) are stark and depressing.

From “How Gas Prices Are Eroding the American Dream.” Read more at The Atlantic. (via theatlantic)

Gasoline prices are going to continue to rise. They may dip temporarily but they are not going anywhere but up. The only viable solution is alternative fuels.

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The other half of the solution is a revision of “the American dream.”

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Incredible. Come on, America. Fossil fuels are not where it’s at. Nor is working a second job to afford commuting to your first; a true bastardization of the American Dream.

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