My first book Not Quite a Genius is in bookstores now!

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For some of my writing in the digital space, I recommend the following...

Selection of humor writing:

"I Like All Types Of Music, And My Sense Of Humor Is So Random"The New Yorker, Daily Shouts

"It's Not You, It's Your Man Bun" The New Yorker, Daily Shouts

"An Intrepid Explorer Discovers a Man Cave"McSweeney's Internet Tendency

"The Toothbrush You Just Threw Away Has Some Questions About The Seven 12-oz. Mountain Dews In Your Trash"McSweeney's Internet Tendency

"Only Six Of My Seven Children Have Whooping Cough So I'm Staying Anti-Vax" - Funny Or Die

"The Transformation" - The Occasional

"To-Do List Mix Up" - TimeOut New York Joke of the Week

Selection of nonfiction writing:

"The Angst of the Creative Millennial, as Fodder for Satire" - The New York Times

“Finishing the Grueling Bike Race My Dad Started” - Outside Magazine

"Why Are Obstacle Course Races So Popular?"The Atlantic

"I'm the Asshole Here: On the Perils of Standing Up to Strangers in Public" - New York Magazine

"How I Almost Died Pretending To Be A Vegetarian In College"Vice

"An Obviously Miserable Thing That I Might Do Again" - Outside Magazine

"My Absurd Quest For A Coachella Ready Body" - Outside Magazine

"How To Train For Your Wedding"Outside Magazine

"The Comedy of Sociology" - American Sociological Association's Footnotes


Selection of comedy video writing:

I wrote a couple episodes for this great go90 narrative series called Mr. Student Body President starring Jeremy Shada (Adventure Time):

Not Quite a Genius
By Nate Dern

Some Funny Or Die sketches I wrote:

A comedy web series pilot I wrote called "Mic Masters":

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