Nate Dern is a writer for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He is the author of the book Not Quite a Genius, a collection of comedy essays and stories that the New York Times called “very thoughtful, smart and funny.” His half-hour narrative comedy series “Annika Erotica” is currently being developed at IFC. He’s the former Head Creative of Comedy Central’s Creators Program, Senior Writer at Funny Or Die, and Artistic Director of the UCB Theatre. His writing has appeared in the New Yorker, Outside Magazine, The Atlantic, New York Magazine and elsewhere. When he’s not writing about himself in the third person, he likes to go for runs in the woods. His best marathon time is 2:55:00 and he’s signed up for a fifty mile race later this year that he’s hoping to finish.

“I’m Out Of The Business” Featuring Gwen Stefani and Ben Platt

Here’s a fun song I co-wrote with the wickedly talented Rachel Wenitsky.

“Me, Also Me” featuring Orlando Bloom

Here’s a sketch I wrote for The Tonight Show. Directed by Chris Tartaro.

Jimmy Fallon and Nate Dern Debut The #AStarIsBornChallenge

Christoph Waltz Quizzes Jimmy Fallon On German Words

Here is a segment I wrote for The Tonight Show. It was a fun and surreal experience to come up with an idea, write some words down, and then see Academy Award winner Chirstoph Waltz say those words.

Not Quite a Genius is available as an audiobook and I did the narration myself! 

Here's a preview:

Audiobook available now on Audible and iTunes!

Classic Cars of the Future

I star in this series from Funny Or Die made by Adriana Robles and Hannah Levy. The premise is that I’m a car collector from the future collecting classic cars of the past that are actually just the regular ass cars of today.

Every Damn Sketch Show - web series on Comedy Central

Check out this multi-part episodic sketch series about what is like behind the scenes at Comedy Central making digital content for the internet. As you might expect, things get wacky.

The Reason Nobody Likes You

I wrote/directed this dark sci-fi sketch for Funny Or Die. Featuring Brian Jordan Alvarez, Stephanie Koenig, Diego Boneta, and David Bernon.

The Handman's Tale (Parody Of Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale)

I act in this video for Funny Or Die written by the talented Hannah Levy & Adriana Robles.

The Reason You Haven't Had Sex In So Long

I wrote/directed this video for Funny Or Die, featuring Patrick Warburton (Seinfeld, The Tick). 

Mr. Student Body President - go90 narrative series

I wrote for this great go90 narrative series called Mr. Student Body President starring Jeremy Shada (Adventure Time) that you can watch online:

Thank you for visiting the website As a sign of my gratitude, here is a photo of me wearing sandals sitting on a motorcycle in front of a cornfield. 

Thank you for visiting the website