re: Dear Nate Dern

You’re following my Tumblr? Be still my beating heart! I’m assuming that you only did so as an act of reciprocity, but we’ll just pretend that you check my blog religiously to see if I’ve updated. I can visualize you sitting there in a cluttered Brooklyn apartment, clicking “Refresh” over and…

Dear Annie, 

Thank you for the kind words in this post and sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I just looked for a way to reply to you personally on your Tumblr page, but I couldn’t find one. So in lieu of that, I’m just going to reply to you as a reblog. My apologies if that isn’t the proper Tumblr etiquette. For as much as I like and spend time with the Internet, I’m still not too sure how all this stuff works. 

I’m glad you got a kick out of the show. It was a pretty crazy experience. I’ve seen that post you mentioned before devoted to saying that I was a big faker. I remember it bothered me when I first saw it, but not so much now. For a long time if you did a Google search for “Nate Dern”, that post was the top hit. Last time I checked, my personal website had finally inched into the top spot. I’ll cross my fingers that is still the case. 

That is pretty funny about Richard Rubin co-hosting that show down in Buenos Aires. Good for him! I hope he’s having a good time with. There was definitely a time in my life that had I been offered a chance to co-host an Argentine game show I probably would have taken the offer. Did you have a good time while you were down there? Coincidentally, immediately after the show ended filming I spent two months down in Buenos Aires doing thesis research for my senior year of college. It was surreal to go from being watched constantly and having all of this attention on me to going to this foreign country where I wasn’t fluent in the language and nobody knew or cared who I was. 

I don’t get up to Ithaca all that regularly, but if I ever do I’ll give a holler. If you ever make it down to NYC on a Tuesday, come check out a night of improvised fun at UCB.

Thanks again for the message and take care.