Walkie Talkies

generous dose of music wisdom from Walkie Talkies (you should follow him on Tumblr):

NATEDERN asked: I haven’t fallen in love with a band for a while, not since first hearing Man Man in 2006 or 2007, whenever it was they toured with Modest Mouse. I still have a soft spot for The Thermals, Built to Spill and Modest Mouse, but don’t listen to anything that new. From these meager crumbs, could you please introduce me to the next band I’ll love? Thank you.

WALKIE TALKIES: There’s a lot directions to take this, and we’re going to go in all of them.  I’m not sure what else you’ve been listening to, since I know you’ve got some treats tucked away in the bread basket, but if I was listening to new records and new bands right now this is what I’d hit up:

TRE ORSI, and any of their other Austin/Denton indie rock cohorts.  Seriously unstoppable feel good throwback rock. 

LISSIE, who’s cover of “Pursuit of Happiness” is enough to put her on every mixtape ever.

FORMING, who round out the kind of trad-indie that should definitely appeal to you.  I had no idea about these guys until I randomly picked up a CD, and I don’t think there’s a weak song on it.

P.S. ELIOT, who’s new EP is absolutely unmissable pop-punk.  Didn’t know they had it in them.

BEACH FOSSILS, maybe one of the only bands to transcend the whole fashion conversation that surrounds so many Brooklyn-area bands.  New Order on the shore, in a nutshell.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, led by King Tuff with some of the most twisted hit singles in the world.

And then as far as older bands with great new material, you can’t miss the Hold Steady, Comet Gain, or Ponys new material.  All are just as good as ever.  And, very lastly, the Black Tambourine reissue is essential listening.