Of course, next to Roald Dahl, we’re all pretty much hacks when it comes to creative rituals. The way I understand it, Roald did his writing in a shed hidden behind his greenhouse. Always at the exact same times every day. Until lunch, which was always the same. Norwegian prawns and half a head of lettuce. It gets better. Once inside, a grimy plastic curtain covered the window and his isolation was complete. As Dahl said: “No one goes in there but me.” He wouldn’t write a lick until he snuggled into a sleeping bag, pulled it up around his waist and settled himself down into a beat up wing-backed armchair. He had to put his feet up on a battered travelling case filled with logs which, needless to say, he had to have roped to the legs of the armchair so it was always at the perfect distance. It gets better still. Dahl said he always wrote - with six yellow pencils in a jar beside him - on American legal paper. A thermos full of coffee and an electric pencil sharpener were also vital. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. There were heaters aimed at his hands in case it got too cold. Then, and I mean only then, he wrote.
— via przy